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  • Karin Schmidt-Friderichs, President of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association "The KulturPas is a fantastic initiative to get young people excited about local cultural events. We are delighted that books are so popular."
  • Robert Mühlbauer,  Managing Director of PPC Music GmbH "The KulturPass is a complete success for everyone involved. With this help, we were able to enable many young people to make music themselves."
  • Jannis Burkardt Höme - Für Festivals GmbH "The KulturPass feels like gaffa tape for the festival landscape."
  • Christiane Schulz-Rother Tegeler Bücherstube "The KulturPass is a complete success: we have already welcomed many new readers to our bookshops."

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Reach the 18-year-olds

The KulturPass platform functions like a marketplace and brings young people and cultural providers together. Providers can offer their events and cultural products there. Young people can access these offers via an app. 



How the registration works

  • Start registration 
  • Create store on KulturPass marketplace 
  • Identification with ELSTER certificate 
  • Activate and set offers 


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Feel free to use the information and communication materials provided here to attract the attention of young people and other providers to the KulturPass. 


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Introduction to the KulturPass

Online event for cultural providers: "Introduction to the KulturPass".


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Sector-specific Best Practice

In-depth Best Practice workshop for cultural providers from different sectors (books, museum, cinema, ...)


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Against the backdrop of the Corona pandemic, a cultural policy focus is placed on local cultural providers. These were particularly affected by the measures taken to deal with the pandemic and have suffered significant declines in revenue. They continue to suffer from a sharp drop in audience numbers. 

For this reason, the focus of the KulturPass is on live formats such as events in theaters, concert/opera houses and cinemas. Local providers such as bookstores and music retailers, record stores and other cultural venues such as museums, memorials, parks, botanical gardens and churches are also eligible to participate. 

The cultural categories admitted to the KulturPass are based on the provisions of state aid law (Art. 53, 54 AGVO). 

As a matter of principle, we want to ensure  that offers are available in all regions of Germany  especially in rural areas. Parallel streaming offers of live cultural events - e.g. a theater performance is also made available digitally by the event organizer - should also be taken into account. This can increase the reach of the programme in rural areas as well. 

To participate in the KulturPass, providers can register on the platform. An ELSTER certificate is required for this. 

They then create an account on the platform that works like a web shop. Products can be entered there manually, via CSV file or via API, and can then be reserved in the KulturPass app. 

When an offer has been reserved, you are informed through the system and can make the offer  available for pickup. 

After pickup, the price of the offer is automatically refunded in intervals of up to three weeks. 

Cultural providers register on the KulturPass platform and can then make their events and cultural products available on the platform. All that is required for registration is an ELSTER certificate. This verifies the provider's identity for the platform.