About the KulturPass

The KulturPass is a programme from the German government. In 2023, those born in 2005 received a budget of 200 euros from their 18th birthday, which they can now use for tickets, books, CDs, records and much more until the end of 2024.

From March 1, 2024, the 2006 cohort will be able to unlock their KulturPass budget and use it from their 18th birthday. In view of the general federal budget situation, the continuation of the project was a major challenge. The budget for the new age group will therefore be 100 euros. 

Our goals:

  • Getting young people excited about local culture

  • Supporting the cultural sector

How does the KulturPass work? 

For providers: 


Cultural providers can register on the KulturPass platform, where they can offer their events and cultural products. All that is required for registration is an ELSTER certificate. This certificate serves as verification for the providers, who can then providet their offers on the virtual marketplace. The costs for the offers handed out  to the 18-year-olds are refunded afterwards. 




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For all 18-year-olds:

In 2023, anyone living in Germany who turned 18 in 2023 was able to register for the KulturPass. From March 1, young people who will turn 18 in 2024 can now receive the KulturPass budget. They can identify themselves using an online ID card procedure. A budget of 100 euros will then be made available. The budget can be used, for example, for tickets for concerts, theater performances, cinema visits, museum or park visits as well as books, records, sheet music or musical instruments. The desired offer is reserved via the app and then collected on site.


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Who is behind the KulturPass? 

The KulturPass is an initiative of the German Bundestag together with the  Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Claudia Roth, and the Federal Minister of Finance, Christian Lindner. 

What is the technology behind the KulturPass? 

On GitHub, tech-interested or tech-savvy people can find the open source code (source code) of the app and information about the architecture of the marketplace (documentation). 

Link to the source code

Link to documentation