Alternative procedure for activating the budget

In order to activate the KulturPass budget in the KulturPass app, the identity of the young person must be verified. 

The KulturPass uses a digital procedure that works via the online function of the ID document. It can be carried out with one of these three types of ID:

  • the German ID card (for German nationals)
  • the eID (for EU citizens and EEA nationals)
  • the eAT (electronic residence permit for citizens from third countries)

However, there are young people in Germany who are unable to obtain one of these three types of ID document with an online function.

There is an alternative verification procedure for them: 

The young people in question can visit cooperating institutions and organizations in their area. On site, the ID document in paper form is checked by specialists and the identity of the young person is verified.

Information for 18-year-olds


You are unable to obtain an ID card with an online function (this often affects people with a refugee background and people with disabilities) and would like to activate your KulturPass budget?

Then you can use the alternative procedure to have your identity verified by a cooperating organization or institution in your area so that your budget can be activated*.

Write us an e-mail and we will get back to you! 


* Permitted only if you can prove that you do not have the option of an ID card with an online function.

Information for institutions

Are you a social or non-profit organization and would like to support us as an intermediary in the alternative verification procedure?  

Contact us via mail, and we will get in touch with you!