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Do you love culture, use the KulturPass and enjoy attending the latest events? Would you like to share your KulturPass experiences with others and share your enthusiasm with them? Then become a KulturPass ambassador!


Show others your enthusiasm for culture!

Share your experiences via Insta or TikTok and captivate your community with your passion!


What exactly are KulturPass ambassadors?

This applies to you:

  • Born in 2005 and an enthusiastic user of the KulturPass?
  • Do you enjoy going to cultural events?
  • Open to new things and keen on exciting experiences?
  • Like to be out and about on social media and like to share your experiences?
  • Not too shy to get in front of the camera?


Then apply now and become a KulturPass ambassador!

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As a KulturPass ambassador you get ...

  • Access to exciting cultural events and meet your stars in person.
  • Guest list for a look behind the scenes, for sold-out readings or concerts.
  • If required, our video professionals will accompany you to the exclusive events.

What exactly does a KulturPass ambassador do?

  • You report on your KulturPass experiences live on site either with your mobile phone or together with our video team.
  • Your impressions are then shared on the KulturPass Instagram account.
  • You can be creative, try out new formats and, above all, have fun with the KulturPass!